Catholic Education has played a prominent role in the development of the Bungaree Parish and the district of Dunnstown for over one hundred and forty-one years.

The school had its origins in 1858 in a wooden building known as the Catholic School Shed, situated not far from its present site.

Throughout its history, the school has been staffed by a combination of religious orders and lay teachers. We owe a great deal to the teaching sisters of the Black Josephite Order, who taught here for ten years, the Presentation Sisters for forty-four years and the Sisters of Mercy for thirteen years, as well as the dedicated lay teachers who have taught in the school. Above all, as history shows, it has been the continuing support from the community that has enabled the school to endure and prosper for so many years.

The school was named by the Josephites as St. Brendan's around 1900, but when the church was built in the school site in 1905 and the school was moved to an area behind the church, it was renamed St. Mary's.

The old wooden building was replaced by a modern brick structure in 1952 and Bishop O'Collins placed the school under the patronage of St Brendan's.

A newspaper article published at the time of the opening recorded, "The School Committee had made itself responsible for funding the project (an amount of six thousand pounds) and the Mother's Club had furnished the school, and the Children of Mary had given it the finishing touches."

This community involvement continues today and success of the school and Catholic Education depends largely on the partnership between the community and the teaching staff.

Our Staff

St. Brendan's School engages both teaching and non-teaching staff, on both a full and part-time basis. As a small staff we share in a number of leadership roles, giving us the opportunity to participate in some worthwhile professional development.

Mrs Inez French - Principal

Mr Callum Stevens - Classroom Teacher/Wellbeing Leader & Learning Diversity Leader

Mrs Jenny Curran - Classroom Teacher/Teaching & Learning Leader

Mrs Louise Haintz - Religious Education Leader

Mrs Majella Lewis - Classroom Teacher

Ms Clare Scanlon - Classroom Teacher

Mrs Lyndal O'Keefe - Learning Suppoort Officer & Classroom Teacher

Ms Jessica Satori - Language/Italian Teacher

Mrs Anita Lidgett - Administration

Mrs Claire Hay - Risk & Compliance Officer

Mrs Jo Dash - Librarian

Mrs Tina Handley - Pastoral Care Worker (Mobile: 0401 900 093)

Family School Partnerships

Learning is grounded in relationships, and supportive relationships can unleash the potential of every student. (Fullan and Langworthy)

Being a community school we hope to draw on the talents, expertise and time of willing community members and parents.
Your offers of support and participation in the areas of hearing reading, sport, art and craft, and so on will be gratefully accepted and called upon. 

Parents & Friends

The Association:

  • Meets once a term
  • Strengthens school community through supporting the work of the School Advisory Council
  • Strengthens school community through organising faith building functions
  • Strengthens school community through organising fundraising functions
  • Strengthens school community through organising social functions

School Advisory Council

The St. Brendan's School Advisory Council:

  • Meets once a term
  • Assists with the preservation and promotion providing informed advice to the canonical administrator
  • Assists with planning for the present and future operating of the school
  • Passes on information about Catholic about Catholic Education to the community
  • Formulating, ratifying and revising school policy (with staff)
  • Oversees school finances
  • Participates in regular formation activities


Class Structure

Our school has 2 multi age classes. Foundation to Year 2 make up the Junior class and the Senior class is Years 3 – 6.

Our small classes allow us to cater for the needs of individuals and supports children’s learning at the level that best suits them emotionally, spiritually, academically and socially.

The teachers at St Brendan’s use the Victorian Curriculum F-10 to assist them in directing the learning and teaching experiences children have within the classroom. 

Learning Areas

Learning and teaching should be of the best standard possible and reflect the Vision and Mission Statements of the School.
It should recognise the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.

All children should have access to a comprehensive curriculum which includes the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will enable them to lead full Christian lives and play an active role in the world in which they live.

Teachers employ a variety of strategies when teaching children in multi-age groupings. These can include co-operative group work, whole class instruction, small and individualised instruction, parent helpers, individual research, role-play, discussion, note taking and inquiry-based lessons. At St Brendan’s School we are very proud of our educational standards, which are designed to accelerate learning for each child in our care.

tile-6Australian Curriculum in Victoria (AusVELS) has been fully implemented at St. Brendan’s. It provides an approach to curriculum from Foundation to Year 10 that is designed to engage students, build their confidence, offer varied approaches to learning and challenge them to achieve.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.

Learning Areas                                                     Capabilities

The Arts                                                                Critical and Creative Thinking      

  • Dance                                                             Ethical

  • Drama                                                             Intercultural 

  • Media Arts                                                      Personal and Social

  • Music

  • Visual Communication Design


Health and Physical Education

The Humanities

  • Civics and Citizenship

  • Economics and Business

  • Geography

  • History





  • Design and Technologies

  • Digital Technologies​

Italian is also taught from Foundation to Year 6

The LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program aims to develop students' skills in Italian. To develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to: communicate in Italian, understand language, culture and learning and their relationship, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication.

Religious Education Curriculum

tile-3St Brendan’s School uses the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum, "Awakenings". 
"Awakenings" is a comprehensive and sequential curriculum framework that is informed by the Doctrine of the Catholic Tradition and is presented to teachers and students in a way that reflects current understandings about teaching and learning. "Awakenings" (p.55) states that:

Religious Education intends to awaken us intellectually:
* by encouraging critical thinking and inquiry;
* by firing our imaginative capacity;
* by enlightening our experiences with reason;
* by broadening our perspectives through Scripture and Tradition.
Religious Education intends to awaken us ethically:
* by forming moral character;
* by arousing our desire for wisdom; 
* by attuning us to the attitudes of Jesus;
* by promoting responsibility and integrity in living.
Religious Education intends to awaken us spiritually:
* by relating our life to the mystery of God;
* by valuing our interior life and capacities;
* by developing prayerful and liturgical habits;
* by connecting compassion with justice.   

We recognise that each child is unique in their ongoing faith formation. Teachers  draw from the children’s life experiences so as to enable them to incorporate the Gospel values our school nurtures. 

Parish Based Sacramental Program

The Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist are offered to children through a planned program over a two-year cycle. Preparation and support is extended through our Parish Based Sacramental Program and is supported by our school RE program.


At the Bungaree Parish Schools, it is believed that reporting to the parents of our students should clearly communicate the achievements of the students and should also provide recommendations which will assist the students' future learning.
Accurate and comprehensive reporting of school and student performance aids in establishing open communication, helps to improve student learning, assists in establishing future direction, and helps to identify areas of exemplary performance, as well as those in need of support and assistance.