DOBCEL Assessment and Reporting Procedures 2021

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy and Procedures


DOBCEL Attendance Register Procedures


DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Communication Policy for Schools

DOBCEL Complaints Management Policy

DOBCEL Declaration for Fit and Proper Person Protocol June 2021

DOBCEL Delegations Instrument

DOBCEL Delegations Policy Procedures


DOBCEL Enrolment Policy Procedures and Appendices

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy

DOBCEL Learning and Teaching Policy Primary May 2021

DOBCEL Learning and Teaching Procedures Primary May 2021

DOBCEL OHS Issue Resolution Flowchart

DOBCEL Procurement and Purchasing Policy and Procedures March 2021

DOBCEL Procurement and Purchasing Procedures - Appendix 1 Gifts, Entertainment, Meal Expenses Register March 2021

DOBCEL Procurement and Purchasing Procedures - Appendix 2 Expenses Claim Form

DOBCEL Responsible Persons Policy and Procedure

DOBCEL Risk Management Framework

DOBCEL Risk Management Policy

DOBCEL School Advisory Council Terms of Reference

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy February 2021


DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion Appendix 1 - Student Absence Learning Plan April 2021

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion Appendix 2 - Return to School (Suspension) April 2021

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion of Students Policy April 2021

St Brendan's Duty of Care Policy

St Brendan's Emergency Management Plan (March 2023)

St Brendan's Privacy Policy

St Brendan's Supervision of Students Information for Parents

St Brendan's Uniform Policy 2020

St Brendan's School Visitor Policy and Procedure

St Brendan's School Volunteers Policy and Procedure