DOBCEL Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safe Policy - Student Version

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL_Emergency Management Plan_St_Brendan's

DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Child Safe Governance Policy 2022

DOBCEL Communication Policy for Schools

DOBCEL Complaints Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Digital Technology Policy

DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy and Agreement 2022

DOBCEL Diversity and Equity Policy 2022

DOBCEL Duty of Care Policy 

DOBCEL Enrolment Policy Procedures and Appendices

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy

DOBCEL Guidelines for Police and DFFH Interview Protocols 2022

DOBCEL Identifying and Responding to Abuse - [PROTECT] Responding Obligations Policy 2022

DOBCEL PROTECT Reportable Conduct Scheme Policy 2022

DOBCEL School Bullying Prevention (including Cyberbullying) Policy 2022

DOBCEL School Complaints Handling Policy 2022

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Information for Parents


Privacy Policy

St_Brendan's Uniform Policy 2020






DOBCEL_Emergency Management Plan St_Brendan's


Engaging Families and Caregivers in Child Safety Policy 2022

St Brendan's Primary School - Appendix 1 - Acceptable Use and Cyber Safety Agreement 2022

St Brendan's Primary School Recruitment Policy 2022

St Brendan's Primary School Safeguarding Children & Young People Code of Conduct 2022